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Dog Memorial Quotes To Dog Lovers

 Have you lost a pet and are looking for something to comfort you? Do you know someone grieving the loss of their pet and want to offer support and condolences?

One of the best ways is with pet loss quotes and sayings. They can not only communicate feelings and emotions in a far greater way than our own words but also forge a continuing remembrance of your pet. So have a look through our range of quotes below.

1. Don't cry sweet Mama

Don't cry sweet Mama, please don't weep.
Please try dear Mama, to get some sleep.
I know you're sad, and its because of me.
But don't cry Mama, for now I am pain free.
I know you miss me, and I miss you too,
No one could have loved me more than you.
I know of some dogs that run away to die,
But not me Mama, I looked you straight in the eye.
I didn't want to leave you, but my body lost the fight.
And now my dearest Mama, you mourn me day and night.
You wished you could have given me a bit more time to live.
But Mama believe me, I had little left to give.


I am glad you took me on that day, there was no other choice.
I would have told you to "do it" - if I had a human voice.
Don't feel guilty Mama, I know it broke your heart.
I was always going to leave you first, we knew it from the start.
But what a life you gave me, it really was the best.
Not many have a life like mine, for that I am truly blessed.
I hope one day I will see you again,
With a smile upon your face.
But for now I will snuggle up inside your heart,
My very favorite place.
2. I Never Left You
I watch you every day
I'm always very near.
I know deep in your heart
You realize I am here.
I watch you while you sleep
In your bed at home.
I hear you when you speak to me
When you're on your own.
You cannot understand
The reason why I have gone.
But I will never leave you
I'm always there to keep you strong.
Talk to me I hear you
Though you may not see.
We share an unbroken bond
That will always be.
Death won't keep us apart
For our love is forever.
Just remember me in your heart
And one day we will be together.
Live your life and live it full
Don't waste a single day.
Remember I'm always with you
Every step of the way.
3. Angels Don't Always Have Wings sometimes they have paws:
I thought of you yesterday, and will tomorrow too
I think of you in silence and make no outward show.
For what it meant to lose you, only those who love you know
Remembering you is easy, I do it every day
It's a heartache of losing you, that will never go away

5. Your Wings Were Ready But My Heart Was Not:

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